About Us

About Us: Pressure hulls collapse at the speed of sound

the manhattan project is a shadowy alliance of musicians, technologists and artists, committed to the ideal of raising the bar in human interaction.

…The description on the About Us page is deliberately vague. That’s because the plan has always been for the manhattan project to be fairly amorphous.
We’re not a group that’s likely to perform live with any frequency, but we hope to use that as a plus, and invite a variety of artists to participate in the process.
Musically, the manhattan project has a lot of influences, but you can always look for some elements of ‘70s funk, and various experimental rock, mixed with various synth bands from the ‘70s and ‘80s as well. We love a variety of oddball music, jazz, and various hyper-modern techniques for glitching and mangling beats. So, it can be anything, but you’re likely to see those threads running through it.
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