Holly Daze: Holiday Music For You

Holly Daze

Greetings! We’d like to draw your attention to Christopher Hord’s Holly Daze, an EP of holiday-themed music he released a few years back. It’s for sale at CD Baby, Amazon, Apple, Google and all the usual suspects. We recommend you buy some, and all proceeds go to the Make A Wish Foundation,


However, there’s a trick to this, which will make your life easier. The EP is admittedly a littleā€¦ uneven? Chris’ dad had passed and he was trying to pull a tribute together and beat the deadlines to get it out before Christmas. So, as much as we hate to say it, don’t buy the whole thing, unless you specifically want the kids to get more money.

“Made It Through Christmas” is a Rolling Stones-influenced original song that anyone who has worked in a business inundated by Christmas crowds will understand. It’s sardonic but hopeful. “We Three Kings” is the classic Christmas carol with a strong jazz flavor.

Just buy those. See? We just saved you two dollars, and the kids still get it all. We’re looking out for everybody. Happy Holly Daze!

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