A big part of the reason this website exists is Christopher Hord’s EP Berlin. He released it late last year but we were unable to promote it the way we would have liked, so the manhattan project decided it was time to step up in weight class and start to get the word out about our projects.

Berlin is a collection of synth-pop instrumentals inspired by thoughts of David Bowie’s retreat to the title city, as he attempted to pull himself together after the vicious grip of cocaine addiction. Berlin is, in a different way, also about cleaning up.

Berlin is currently available on many major online retailers, such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and more. It can be heard streaming on popular services such as Spotify,, Pandora, (and Apple, Google, and Amazon, as well), and many more.

We suggest you purchase Berlin through CD Baby, where the artist get the highest percentage pay. There’s a CD Baby store right here on the site for your convenience.


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